Why Start A Blog For Your Garden Business?

Why Start A Blog For Your Garden Business

The ways in which you are able to promote your garden maintenance business are often a lot closer to home than what you might think. By home, we are of course referring to your own website and the fact, as pointed out by the digital marketing specialists over at www.northland.com.au that many businesses fail to maximise the potential their website has to promote them.

One example of that, is the huge number of businesses that fail to have a blog as one of the core components of their website. If you are unfamiliar with what a blog is, it is short for ‘Web Log’ and is a page on your website where you post content that includes articles, how-to guides, images, the latest news and just about anything else you can think of which relates to the business you own, and which you believe will be of value to those who visit your blog.

A huge advantage a blog has over other ways in which you might publish content is that, as the website owner, you are in complete control of what you post there. Unlike social media channels, or other websites where you post content as part of a content marketing strategy, you are literally unrestricted in what you can publish. The caveat here is that you genuinely only want to publish material suitable for your audience and which would not offend them.

Beyond that, another positive is the fact that blog content is extremely easy to publish. Once you have created the content, and given it an appropriate title, you can then go to your blog’s admin area, select ‘Add Post. Then, you basically copy and paste the material, or upload it if it is a media file, and then press ‘Publish Post’ for it to go live, and it is now visible to anyone online.

You might well be asking what benefits are there to you and your garden maintenance business of taking the time and effort to create a blog and the subsequent content which will be posted there. It is a great question, and the truth is there are many benefits, but for now, we are going to point out the three which we believe will have the most impact on the success of your business.

#1: A Blog Contributes To Your SEO And Boosts Rankings: Within each blog post there are numerous ways that you can optimise it for specific keywords, including the title, headings, and within the text. All this feeds into your SEO and helps boost your rankings on Google. The fact that visitors will spend time on your website to read your blog posts is another plus point for Google.

#2: A Blog Is A Great Way To Promote Your Business To Your Audience, Prospects, And Customers: A blog is an excellent promotional tool where you can give advance notice of an upcoming promotion, outline details about the services you provide, and highlight any positive news about your business including awards, industry recognition, or customer testimonials.

#3: A Blog Boosts Your Credibility And Brand Recognition

By publishing excellent advice and information relating to garden maintenance, you can elevate yourself to someone that is seen as an expert. Now you may well have been an expert on your business niche for years, but by publishing your knowledge online, it becomes more apparent to those who may never have known about you, but for your blog. In turn, this boosts the recognition of your company and its brand.