5 Tips To Ensure Your Removalists Website Performs And Converts To The Maximum

5 Tips To Ensure Your Removalists Website Performs And Converts To The Maximum

No doubt as part of your removalists business’s routines you carry out maintenance on the vans and trucks which you use to transport your clients’ belongings between homes or offices. That principle of giving the most important assets of your business the attention they deserve is a sound one, and one which we believe should extend to another key part of your business, and that is your website.

It could be that you have only recently arranged for your website to updated, so what we are talking about here might not be as urgent as it is for others, but the points we make are worth noting for the future. As for any other removalists business owners who have a website that has not been updated for several years, or a website which does not seem to be providing any obvious benefits for your business, then you should definitely read on.

The importance of your website, particularly in light of recent events where more and more people are using the internet, cannot be understated. It is often the first time anyone comes into contact with your business, and as such it is where they will form their first opinion of it. They may also be considering your removalists business with another, and it could simply be which website they like the look of most which swings it. You want that to be your website.

So, how do you ensure that your website is looking its best, functioning at its best, and most of all, converting at its best so that visitors ultimately become paying clients? Well, below we have outlined 5 simple tips which will help you can bring your website up to the level of performance you need and want.

Update Your Content

Hopefully, you post new content on your website regularly, perhaps via your blog. This is great, but when was the last time you updated some of your older posts? It could be information on some posts from a few years ago is now out of date, and even contrary to what the current situation is. Either remove those old posts or better still, update them so that all the information on your site is valid.

Enhance Your Graphics

Whilst updating the text elements of a website is important, you should also consider refreshing the visual elements too. This could be swapping out some of the photos to show your newer vans, or new storage facilities. Even if some services have not changed, there is no harm in publishing newer photographs to illustrate them. You might also want to think about adding more video content as well.

Test All Functionality

Whether you are adding newer content and visuals or not, you must carry out this check. It is incredible that we still find businesses with websites which do not open quickly, have error pages, and functions which crash the website. What kind of advert is that? Go through each page one by one and check it loads quickly and that everything on that page looks as it should. Also, check that it appears as it should on different devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Ensure Your Calls To Action Are Clear Enough

There will be pages on your website where you want a visitor to take some kind of action. These could include calling your office, entering their email address, or completing a quotation request form. In all instances, you must ask yourself if the call to action is obvious visually, and crystal clear with respect to the message it conveys. If not, then you must improve your calls to action in order to improve the conversion rate of your website.

Check All Internal Links Work

Although some might see this coming under functionality, we have it separate as it so important. The authority your removalists website is gaining from its backlinks needs to be spread throughout it, and this is what your internal links do. They also form part of the navigation of your website and thus a key element of user experience, something you want to ensure is 100%.