Key Qualities to Consider When Choosing a Web Design Agency in the U.S.

Imagine that when you are searching for a web design agency in Indiana, it is like looking to start up an adventure with a soul-mate company. Finding a group that shares your vision and responds to the spirit of your company is about realizing this. We’d like to take the opportunity of Cairril Design & Marketing’s superb examples as a reference to describe what you should be seeking.

A Knack for Brand-Building

In other words, your brand is the story you tell. The one firm offering brand-building consulting that truly has what it takes is Cairril Design & Marketing. You can’t just design a website, you have to tell your company’s story.

Core Google Algorithm Update June 2021

SEO Perth report today that a Core Google Algorithm is upon us! Anyone who works in SEO or who runs a business that relies on its website ranking well on the search engines, should be aware that Google is in the process of releasing a core update. In truth, it is one update which is being released in two parts, due to the large number of changes that it includes, and as a result of some of the changes not being fully ready for release in June.

The first part is the Core Google Algorithm Update June 2021. You will not be surprised to know that part #2 will be the Core Google Algorithm Update July 2021 which no doubt will have many SEO veterans thinking that it was easier to remember animal and bird names when Google used them to identify its updates.

However, the words Panda and Penguin will also strike dread into many who remember the consternation these and other updates caused. They usually had a drastic effect on the rankings of many websites, as at the time Google sought to downgrade the rankings of websites that were low on quality and content.

As for this June update, the initial feedback has not included screams of panic across the SEO world, and the general consensus has been one of wait and see. The reason is that as this update is being released in two parts, anything which changes with regards to a particular website’s or web page’s rankings due to part #1 may well be reversed when part #2 is released.

How can SEO help your business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective digital marketing methods that businesses can use in the modern world. It’s cost-effective, relatively easy to implement, and can drive traffic to your site well into the future when done right.

In this article, we look at a few of the leading ways that SEO can help your business. By increasing your online visibility, you can drive increased brand awareness and, in turn, drive increased income across the board.

  1. SEO can help you stand out above your competitors

One of the things that we love about SEO is that it gives you credibility. Picture a situation where someone is searching for a small business for a particular reason. They’ve found two likely options that they just can’t differentiate. A quick Google search reveals that your website ranks way higher than your competitors.

In this case, you will be picked in the vast majority of cases. Authority is a key part of SEO, which means that a high search engine ranking effectively translates into a high business authority in your niche. And of course, this will almost always help you stand out above your main competitors.

Five ways your web design could impact your SEO

Although many people don’t realise it, search engine optimization (SEO) and web design are actually closely interlinked. Something as small as the structure of your website can have huge ramifications when it comes to achieving a high search engine ranking.

In this article, we take a look at five of the most notable ways that your web design could be impacting your SEO efforts. If you’re making any of these mistakes, you need to try and fix them – now!

  1. A poor design will impact the user experience

And since the user experience is closely linked to SEO, your site’s design is super important. In simple terms, a website that’s poorly designed won’t attract and keep visitors. People who find your site will likely leave quite quickly, resulting in something that’s called a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate is seen as something that’s quite negative by Google and the other search engines, and it’s something you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Poorly optimized media can be very damaging

A surprising percentage of people attempting to create their own website and perform their own SEO don’t understand how important media optimization is. Adding high-resolution images and videos can seem like a good idea, but it’s usually not.