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Cairril has a great grasp of the larger picture and is one of the best collaborators I’ve had. She knows how to listen. She doesn’t stop at the words I say—she digs deeper to learn what I really want. She was the perfect choice for our site redesign. Our new website is leaps and bounds beyond our previous site. One senior manager now wants print materials for his division that are branded the same way as the site, because the site so successfully captured our brand identity. Cairril would be a great choice for anyone who wants marketing to be a bigger piece of the whole. Working with her was overwhelmingly positive—I’d trust her with any marketing problem.
Danise Alano, vice-president of marketing, Monroe Bank, Bloomington IN

Cairril is very easy to work with. Her professionalism and one-on-one attention is refreshing in comparison to the larger agencies’ “lost in the client crowd” atmosphere. She is exceptional at determining my needs. She listens carefully and makes determinations based on what I want my end product to do for me. She is not afraid to step up and point out alternatives I can take and point me in that direction without changing my intended result. I get positive comments about my website from other professionals in my field and calls from all over wanting to do business. The best thing about Cairril is she’s always on time; her work is accurate and professional with quick turn-around time.
Debi O’Heran, vice-president of property management/leasing, WS Property Group, Bloomington IN

Our Renwick development didn’t have lots available yet, but we wanted a way to take potential buyers out of the market. Cairril came up with the idea of Renwick Select, giving people a chance be the first to know when lots are available. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t get three or four signups for Renwick Select. Cairril also made our lives a lot easier by designing a database so we can update our Homes for Sale directly. She also collaborated with our print advertising firm to make sure our ads work well with our website.
Aaron Stolberg, WS Homes, Bloomington IN

We were looking for someone with design expertise to create a site that would both market our organization and serve as a technical site. Cairril was very flexible—she listened to many different opinions from our staff—but she also made sure we understood the design principles that were best for navigation and marketing, and she helped us focus on what we wanted to market. The new site has reinforced the position of our organization in our community, and the reaction has been really positive. I would definitely recommend Cairril to others.
Jon-Paul Herron, Global Network Operations Center, Bloomington/Indianapolis IN

I’m proud to refer prospective clients to my site, confident that Cairril’s design will give the best impression. Cairril is a breeze to work with and met every deadline with grace, good humor, and great ideas. Her professionalism, marketing savvy, and excellent eye combine to make her a powerful ally for any business.
Cathy Moore, writer, Bloomington IN

Cairril’s design gives us an advantage over many of our competitors by creating a great first impression with our new visitors. Since our site has a lot of information, her ideas about how to organize the navigation really made a difference in the usability of the site. She did a great job of fulfilling our vision, completing the site on time, and being fun to work with, too!
Jason Wilbur, creative director, Wonderdisc, Bloomington IN

I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on the look and smooth working of my web site. If I refer a potential customer to the site to see my work or to check on the colors I offer they never come back to me confused or disappointed. They find what they need and feel compelled to compliment me on the beautiful site.
Jack Brubaker, owner, Jack Brubaker Designs, Bloomington IN

I enjoyed Cairril’s energy, wit, and professionalism. She gave us several design options and good ideas and kept us on track, reminding us of what we needed to do. Our tenants use the site all the time, and it has helped our word-of-mouth marketing—students tell friends to go to our site, because all the information they need is there. I would absolutely recommend Cairril.
Paul Smith, NEXTWAVE Management Group, Bloomington IN

I am a satisfied repeat customer and have been recommending Cairril.com since the first time I worked with Cairril. She designed a brochure and poster for International Studies, a new program at Indiana University. Her striking concept produced a strong, aesthetically pleasing statement both in the brochure and poster. She has given us an original visual identity of which we are proud and created a buzz about the new program campus-wide and beyond.
Rima Merriman, academic advisor, International Studies Program, Indiana University, Bloomington IN

Cairril is a delight to work with. She is extremely hardworking and attentive to the client’s needs and desires—from the initial plan all the way through completion. She designed a full range of business stationery, videotape boxes, and business cards for me. I was very happy with the process and delighted with the outcome.
Bryan Richert, film & video editor, Los Angeles CA

Sometimes, it takes a lot of design drafts before you find the one. This year’s beautiful and evocative design from Cairril.com came together pretty quickly, and we knew, even in the first rough, that we were looking at a winner. Cairril and company have been great to work with from start to finish, and their commitment to delivering on deadlines has kept us firmly on track. At the same time, our discussions about concepts, design elements, and production timelines have been relaxed and collegial, and refreshingly efficient: we’ve been able to do a lot of work in a relatively small amount of time. It’s been great to work with Cairril.com (a long-time Lotus sponsor, incidentally) on the art for the Festival. And we know that Lotus fans are going to love it.
LuAnne Holladay, Marketing and Communications Director for the Lotus Education & Arts Foundation

Cairril not only has a lot of talent, she has business savvy. There’s always logic behind what she does, and you can be sure that what you’re getting is high quality. When we hired Cairril to redesign the website for the city of Bloomington, we wanted something sophisticated that would present Bloomington as a forward-looking city. Cairril’s design both achieved that goal and was easy for the average visitor to use. Other cities have said, “We need a site that looks like Bloomington’s.” The site has strengthened Bloomington’s image as the innovative city in Indiana, the city that’s ahead of the curve.
Greg Volan, chief information officer, City of Bloomington

Cairril has helped us brand and position several new products and services. In our consultations, she brings my big-concept ideas down to earth, helping me think about how each idea can support our goals and strengthen our brand. She thinks outside the box and keeps encouraging me to not settle, to make sure we get the best we can out of each project. Thanks to Cairril, the SBDC brand, products, and services are all stronger. The SBDC now has a clearer position and is a stronger player in the community.
Brian Kleber, director, South Central IN Regional Small Business Development Center, Bloomington IN

Cairril is not only a designer, she has good marketing and business sense—she’s a complete package. My business is emotional—people don’t think they own dogs, they think they own little people in fur coats. Cairril understood this and added a sense of safety and warmth to our site redesign. She also helped us increase sales with her analysis and ideas. Since we redeveloped our site and made other changes, we’ve seen a more than 38% increase in business. I think our site redesign is responsible for a major part of that increase, because most people go to our site before they come to us in person. Cairril made the whole process easy to understand, and we have received many compliments on our new site.
Bryan Bailey, Owner, Canine Companions, Bloomington IN

I’m very impressed with Cairril. She means business. She’s professional, she has a very quick turn-around time, and she delivers. We’re thrilled with our site because we’ve been taking credit card payments through it and deferring calls there—it’s taken a burden off our people.
Jill Robinson, CS Property Management, Bloomington IN

Cairril came highly recommended, and it was great to work with her. She’s fast and creative—she gathered information quickly, and she really understood my artwork and what I was trying to get across. While other developers don’t always get what you mean, Cairril quickly hit the nail on the head. My new site has put me in touch with my customers and helped me build my brand, and the response just keeps getting better.
Jennifer Garant, Jennifer Garant Studios, Bloomington IN

Cairril’s design for the Silicon Valley Coach Federation website is the envy of all our fellow International Coaching Federation chapters. Her design prowess was only rivaled by her professionalism and speed. I was particularly impressed with the business savvy she brought to our hazy brief to make our dream site a reality. Our membership has doubled over the past year and we have built alliances with a number of well-known organizations, and I believe our beautiful new website gave us that professional edge we had lacked.
Jo Miller, president, Silicon Valley Coach Federation, San José CA

Cairril’s years of experience paid off on the website she did for me. It turned out to be the best thing to happen to my business in the last three years. Every business should get an introduction to Cairril.
Jim Stinson, proprietor, The Old Rooming House, New Harmony IN

Cairril.com’s comprehensive approach was exactly what we needed on this project. They began with a clearly delineated brand definition that guided the rest of product development. Their ability to manage a complex project with many stakeholders kept us moving forward and the passion that Cairril brought to the product helped keep the tone positive. The site design and usability are perfect for our target market. It’s this attention to the end user’s experience that set Cairril.com apart from other firms and led to an extremely successful product.
Brian Kleber, chief creative thinker, Canopy Group, Bloomington IN

Cairril had the challenge of totally redesigning our dated website featuring 11 apartment communities located in 3 cities. We also were expanding the site to add online rental applications, credit card acceptance, and requests for maintenance service. Cairril was very patient as she guided us through the creative as well as technical aspects. She has a strong focus on project management and strictly adheres to deadlines. Cairril was a good listener, but she was also comfortable offering her perspective if she felt we were straying from goals or practical applications. We are extremely pleased with the finished project, both in design as well as expanded features.
Kimberly S. Crouch, CPM, and Sheila G. Kingsley, CPM, regional supervisors, Regency Management Service, LLC, Bloomington IN

Cairril has designed gorgeous brochures for us that are extremely easy to read. She takes the time to understand the audience and structure her design accordingly.
Gwen Goldfarb, executive director, American College of Cardiology-Ohio Chapter, Atlanta GA

We contacted Cairril.com at the recommendation of a congregation member. We are glad we did. Cairril brought three things to the table that we would not otherwise have had: 1) knowledge of the pitfalls and subtle nuances of web design; 2) a disciplined focus on our purpose in having a website in the first place; and 3) an excellent sense of graphic design. The site Cairril crafted for us has been very well received. Indeed, it has been a morale booster for the whole church. I am confident, based on reactions we have had so far, that it will be an effective tool for growing our congregation.
Ralph Winstanley, president of the congregation, First United Church, Bloomington IN

Cairril quickly grasped our goals and helped us create a professional presence. Her idea to make three separate brochures gave us a lot of flexiblity in how we market ourselves. Her understanding of our goals meant we had very few changes to design or copy. We are now much better positioned to reach out to our new constituencies.
Brian Kleber, President, SEED Corp.

Cairril stuck to all of her deadlines—some very short—made our design needs her first priority, and was pleasant throughout the entire process. Cairril applied her talents and communicated in a straightforward manner with an end result of a clean and effective design that served us very well.
Diane Jung, manager of conferences & special events, University Information Technology Services, Indiana University, Bloomington IN