How We Work

You don’t want hassles—you just want smart marketing that brings results. So we’ve developed a streamlined process that makes us a breeze to work with.

Our approach saves you time and hassle. Here’s what we promise:

A simple roadmap. You’ll always know where we are and where we’re going next.
One contact person. Cairril will be your main contact person. She’ll coordinate the work of any additional team members.
Clear explanations. Our ideas are based on solid business reasoning. You’ll always know why we’re making each suggestion.
Few meetings. Have a minor change? No problem—and no meeting required. We’ve mastered the art of efficient, painless communication.
No surprises. You’ll get regular time and budget updates, so you’ll never find any surprises on the final invoice.

The first two steps of our process help us make sure we’ll work well together. That’s why there’s no charge until we sign a contract and start work.

1. Initial Consultation
We’ll meet so we can get to know each other, discuss your goals, and make sure we’re a good match. Our first meeting will be most productive if you’re prepared to answer these questions.

2. Project Roadmap
Based on what we learn during our consultation, we’ll prepare a free proposal outlining how we can work together. The proposal acts as our guide when we start the project. It covers these main steps:

Strategy: We learn about your market and how to connect with them
Idea development: We propose several ideas to solve your problem
Idea refinement: We perfect the strongest idea
Implementation: We produce your materials

3. Getting to Work
We work in decidedly non-mysterious ways. We use the project roadmap as our guide for development but give you the opportunity to make changes as the project unfolds. We follow the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ Standards of Professional Practice so we create the best product. We track billable time against our estimate and give you regular updates, so you’ll always have the information you need to make the best choices. We stick to our deadlines and communicate any problems. And your final invoice will be positively boring — you’ll find no surprises there.

During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your project and how we might work together. Our meeting will be most productive if you’ve thought about the following issues:

What’s the goal of your project? (Improve sales, increase awareness, promote a product, etc)
Who is your target market? (The more detail, the better.)
What does your market want?
How does your offering match what they want?
Who are your major competitors?
What’s your budget for the project?
Do you have existing identity elements for us to work with? (Existing logo, color schemes, etc)
Do you have any references to guide our work? If you have an existing brand book, style guide, or marketing campaign, we’d like to see it.
What are some websites you love? What are some you hate? (We ask this even if your project will be printed—the web is a handy way to share samples. Tell us what you like or don’t like about each site. That helps us get a sense of your taste.)
How will we measure our success? (Increased sales, increased traffic, etc)
What’s your preferred final delivery date for the project?

In addition to the points above, we ask the following questions for web projects:

How will you drive traffic to the site?
How technologically savvy is your audience?
What do you see as the main site sections?

We’ll have more questions than these, but this list gives you a sense of what to expect. Initial consultations usually last about an hour. We’ll do some additional research, then deliver a proposal for your project in about a week.

Streamlined process. Smart people. Great results. Sound appealing? Contact us for your free consultation.